Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Taylors Birthday Party With Her Friends

Taylor had a birthday party with a few of her friends, it was a slumber party. The birthday started at 6pm on Friday night. The night went as follows:

-Made and cooked their own pizza's for dinner
-Played on the trampoline while pizza's cooked
-Ate pizza
-Made their own little cakes
-Opened presents
-Made matching bracelets
-Decorated and ate their cakes (sang happy birthday to Taylor)
-Turned on music and sang and danced
-Gave each other make-overs
-Got ready for bed
-Sat in Taylor's room and talked for about 30-45 minutes
-Watched a movie and ate popcorn
-3:30AM lights out.

The girls had to be up at 7:30AM because they needed to be at the church Saturday morning to make enchilada's for their fund raiser for girls camp, so I had to make sure they got at least a little bit of sleep. It was a fun night for all the girls!

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Jennifer said...

I have to apologize! We had NO idea this was a b-day slumber party. I was there when Taylor and Clint told Elizabeth about it and they didn't say anything about b-day. Yikes! I'm so embarrassed. We just thought it was a slumber party the night getting together the night before Enchilada making.

Glad they had fun. Elizabeth thought you were such a fun mom! She enjoyed herself:)